Color me silly

I love my home dyed merino and I`m half way done spinning them.
I decided to have another go today and tried our some more vibrant colors.

I mixed yellow, blue and red and got a fantastic result! I am so pleased with myself right now.
I also tried to dye plain norwegian sheep wool, again with the Junkerfjell dream. This time I think I got it right. The sun finally shines again and I`ll take the camera out to take some shots.
I have finished some neat small projects of mine in between spinning hours. My beloved Bodum thermo cup got a jacket(cannot believe I almost gave this one up), I made myself long long wristwarmers and I`ve made a special crown for a special little prince of mine. (no honey, it`s not for you. Sorry) I also started crocheting a cowboy hat for M, she`s allways playing with mine and you know what? I don`t like it! Ìt`s mine!
Wohooo! Halfway there…
Loooong wristwarmers
Hopefully the happiest cup alive.
Vilde with my first knitted crown.
M is away on vacation with her other family, so i have to steal neighborhood kids to have someone to play with. Vilde is allways up for a make believe tea party or a trip to the garden store. She`s waiting as much as me to get Mathilde back, they are best friends you see…
My camera tour around the area was a success. I`m not usually the one taking the pictures, but when hubbie is away I get to play with the big camera…Here are some highlights:Detail of Junkerfjell. That`s what I want!
Misty looks like she`s enjoying the sun, but she`s really harassing some other dog passing us on the road. Bad dog!
And the merino? I think I got the colors just about right. Oh, Joy!

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