toe up socks

I`m absolutely thrilled about this new (at least for me it is) way of knitting socks. I`ve never been too big a fan of the good old norwegian way of knitting socks but I never thought about looking for other options. I wanted to knit pretty socks from my camo dyed merino and allthough the pattern not neccessary seemed to fit this yarn I decided to do it more or less by the pattern. I`ve finished one and it seems so big! This should be a small womans sock…

Anyway, I love the pattern and I love the way MY yarn looks in a sock. I cannot wait until the fall comes and I`ll have to wear it… Guess I`ve gotta make one more then.

I`m finding myself actually looking forward to winter this year. It probably also has to do with hubbie coming home in October.

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